In this Handbook you will learn how to develop the habit of positive behavior in children and adolescents.

During this reading, you will understand the habits of children and adolescents, learn to prepare them and develop a mindset for the world.


Many parents are tired and frustrated in early childhood education, either because of the lack of limits or because of the tireless quest to understand the behavior of children and adolescents.


Through neuroscience studies, it is possible to see dysfunctional patterns of “bad behavior” and use correct and assertive ways to deal with problems. You will receive revolutionary guidelines, which can be applied in the children's daily lives.


Immerse yourself in this mission, which will transform your story and that of the whole family.

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How to Train Your Mind to Educate Your Children.

These are practical principles for approaching and leading your children into a mentally successful future. If you're reading these words, you're ready to take the next step and unlock your full potential for parenting success.

In this ebook, we're going to explore the full power of positive behavior and how to train her to achieve her family goals. Many people have the desire to have a happy family, but feel trapped by fears, limiting beliefs and negative mental patterns that prevent them from taking the next step towards the practical part.

But the good news is that you can change that and transform your mindset to achieve a new reality.

Here, you will find practical principles and effective strategies to overcome fear and start a new educational routine.

We'll dive into proven mind-reprogramming techniques, creative visualization, powerful affirmations, and positive habits that will help you overcome inner barriers and create a lasting success mindset.

Throughout this ebook, we'll highlight the importance of believing in yourself and your abilities, facing fear and self-sabotage, setting clear goals, and creating an effective action plan.

 We will also discuss the role of gratitude, discipline and persistence in the pursuit of success in the family.

 You will learn to identify and overcome limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, replacing them with positive, empowering thoughts that will spur your growth as a homemaker.

 Additionally, we'll discuss the importance of developing an abundance and prosperity mindset, and how to attract more mental health into your life. 

Throughout the ebook, we'll share inspiring stories of people who managed to overcome their fears and limitations to achieve success.

These stories will serve as a motivation and example for you, showing that it is possible to transform your life and achieve all your dreams.

One of the biggest challenges ever encountered by those who seek to educate and instruct is the inexplicable "Children's Behavior"


Family Educational Routine

Everything you haven't conquered yet, that is, if you still can't improve the behavior of children and adolescents, is because you didn't have "knowledge" during your family and school development, and I say that it is necessary to acquire information, about matters that bother you.

Revealing the unknown

Child behavior is challenging, and here I am going to activate this change, and if you know how to identify what the child or teenager wants to say through the guidelines in this book, this learning process will be much easier.

Authority Implementation

Use strategies that in my view are essential for teaching:

1 - The truth;

2 - Respect;

3 - The interaction;

4 - The courage.

Your child learns from you

I'll explain to you what it is. If they don't learn the correct way to express their feelings, or their emotions, the results will be harmful for them and those around them.

of Stress

If they don't learn the correct way to express their feelings, or their emotions, the results will be harmful for them and those around them.

Eliminate the Cycle of Frustrations

The anticipation technique isn't magic, but the results are magical, but I do have a note before we get started. Everything you apply needs to be spontaneous and truthful, you need to identify the emotion of anger or frustration early on. Your apprentice may not heed your commands on the first try.


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The educational support network (parents, caregivers, teachers and other professionals) is essential for forming strong citizens, with principles and values ​​that will help build a better world

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